Poland: Fallow Deer

5 Hunting Days
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  • Poland Red Stag – Sept 2018
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Pursue these beautiful, iconic European deer in Poland’s mystical forests during the annual rut. Free-range, wild and ingenious, flat-rate trophy fees and all-inclusive 1×1 guided packages with a proven outfitter for an unbeatable price!

TRIP DURATION 5 day 1×1 guided hunts
PRIME TIME  Peak rut is October
WILDLIFE STATUS Wild, Free-ranging & Indigenous

Package Highlights

Its easy to become captivated by Fallow deer. Especially during the rut. Their aggressive rhythmic croaking coupled with sounds of antlers crashing is an annual event that echoes through these ancient and history-filled European forests. It’s a premier hunt, yet with a price point value that’s virtually unbeatable. Something every passionate deer owes it to themselves to experience firsthand at least once.

In addition to its rich history and culture, luxury accommodations, fine dining, or sightseeing options, the nation truly delivers superb hunting opportunities at the lowest prices. Poland also consistently produces excellent free-range trophy quality and success rates for an overall great experience. All reasons this destination has always been so secretly popular.

Hunts come standard with 5-days, 1×1 guiding, and all-inclusive airport-to-airport packages, complete with English speaking interpreters. We have also arranged FLAT RATE trophy fees for all of our packages, which many of our clients have grown to love. No sliding scales! Target the biggest free-range trophy Fallow bucks you can find without incurring extra fees! Most hunters take two Fallow bucks, but October is also a perfect window to combine with trophy free-range Mouflon should a permit be available. The genetic granddaddy of all wild sheep! Red stags have largely finished the roar, but they are likely to be encountered and can also be taken as a target of opportunity. This is especially true with Wild Boar, providing yet another combo option to every Fallow deer hunt.

Hunting is deeply immersed in local Polish culture, built off of centuries of heritage and tradition. Pursue your quarry with an experienced local stalker on their home turf. Take the back roads, see the countryside and enjoy this blast from the past experience while targeting free-range medal class trophy Fallow bucks.  Hunting amidst the beautiful fall colors during the peak rut is both a stimulating and action-packed experience, as these eastern European forests are alive with wildlife activity.

Start to finish these hunts in Poland are seamless and hassle-free. Diligent pre-planning and preparation by the outfitter’s team translates to an excellent experience for our guests. Add extra hunting days, tour the country, or visit elsewhere in Europe before heading home. Poland steals your heart.

Typical Day & Tactics

Connect with the outfitters’ interpreter or guide at the airport and make the often-quick drive through the rural countryside to the lodgings. Depending on arrival time, hunters could instantly head afield for an evening hunt, or simply settle in, enjoy dinner and unpack with plans to be out by dawn the following morning. Like most big game animals, Fallow deer are most active in the mornings and evenings, but during the peak rut, these social & vocal deer can be active most of the day.

Hunters link up with their guides at the lodge early pre-dawn each morning grabbing a coffee or quick bite to eat on the way out. Depart the lodge and head to a likely spot for sunrise seeking groups of rutting Fallow deer. They tend to assemble in traditional areas in the rut, which is always a good place to start. Spend the morning cruising the backroads looking for Fallow, or patrol a network of logging roads on foot. This is an excellent strategy as rutting Fallow are extremely vocal and their repeated croaking and antler clashes echo through these forests each October. It’s enchanting, and provides both exciting and ideal stalking conditions. Hunters can generally expect to encounter numerous mature Fallow bucks per day, which keeps things entertaining. At times, Fallow bucks can be hunted from the many elevated high-seats set up in strategic vantage points.

Spend the first few hours or each day searching, stalking, and judging Fallow deer. Come late morning, head back to the lodge and take a midday break, enjoying a hearty and delicious brunch with all the local favorites. An hour to catch up with things and home and a quick nap later find hunters back with their guides for the evening hunt. Continue keying in on croaking Fallow as they rut inconspicuously. These showy and aggressive deer are truly a natural marvel that are an incredible pleasure to watch. Something every passionate deer hunter must experience firsthand. Upon locating a shooter buck, things become real. A short-calculated stalk, or simply some patience is often all that’s needed to close the gap for a clean shooting opportunity. Approaching the fallen buck, the guides honor the animal with a traditional ceremony and congratulate the hunter. Once back at the lodge for the night, experience a wonderful three-course dinner, freshly made from locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes.

Very affordable flat-rate trophy fees with no size restrictions, coupled with a target-rich environment finds most hunters harvesting two Fallow bucks in a 5-day hunt. Polish wildlife management is well orchestrated, and each hunting area or unit is allocated harvest quotas. Should permits still remain, combo opportunities for trophy Mouflon and Red Stag can also be possible on most Fallow Deer hunts. Wild Boar are also always available as a target of opportunity, rounding out this excellent, indigenous, and free-range European species line up! While Roe deer are extremely plentiful and sure to be encountered, the season closes in late September.

Once the hunt has concluded, guests are shuttled back to the airport, or a hotel in accordance with their travel plans. Hunters are always encouraged to do some sightseeing while already in Europe. We are also happy to make recommendations and assist with pre-post hunt logistics to facilitate vacation planning.

Landscape & Climate

Rural western Poland offers a very huntable and game-rich terrain. The landscape is generally flat, but complete with wooded hills and highly fertile rolling farm country. Cereal crops, vegetables, canola, corn, and pasture lands are prevalent. This region is dotted with woodlots, fruit orchards, pine plantations, and larger tracts of mixed forests, largely comprised of Birch, Oak, Poplar, and species of Pine. Many of the best Fallow deer hunting areas are within close proximity to some of the larger and denser forested areas.

With the peak rut in October, the weather this time of year is generally warm and pleasant with the vegetation starting to change to fall colors. Later in the month, temperatures may hover around the freezing mark overnight with beautiful frosty mornings coupled with the colorful foliage. In all this is a lovely time to be out hunting eastern Europe’s rural countryside!

Meals & Accommodations

A country like Poland comes with rich culture and historic charm. A variety of lodging options can be arranged for hunters. Palaces, old luxurious manor homes, renovated heritage hotels in small villages, or rural cottages are all options. Nearly every venue will have its own unique story or post-war restorations. You can expect private rooms, complete bathrooms, moats, gardens, courtyards, dining halls, gracious common areas, and of course, Wi-Fi.

Meals are often catered or served in an adjoining restaurant already included with every package. Enjoy 3 hearty meals daily featuring an array of locally sourced Polish favorites. Soups, sausages, sauerkraut, salads, assortments of cold cuts & cheese, smoked fish, schnitzel, chops & roasts, followed by delicious desserts. In classic eastern European hospitality, no one ever goes hungry!

Key Equipment Suggestions

This hunt only requires basic equipment. Appropriate layered hunting clothing, light day pack, 10x binoculars, rangefinder, headlamp, comfortable walking boots, rain gear, a digital camera, European double adaptor, sunglasses and a hat or thin gloves covers the essentials.


Trophy Hunts: 5 full days – 1×1 guided – x1 Trophy Fallow Deer (No Size Restrictions) – October = $2950

Additional Fallow Deer (No Size Restrictions) = $1750

 Additional Species (Mouflon, Wild Boar, Red Stag) = available on a trophy fee basis


  • Round trip airport pick-up and drop-off services
  • English speaking interpreter for the duration of the hunt
  • All meals and accommodations during the hunt
  • All permits, licenses, and trophy fees for x1 trophy Fallow deer with no size restrictions
  • 1×1 professional guiding with an experienced local stalker
  • All ground transportation while hunting
  • All European skull cleaning and basic trophy preparations for taxidermy

Not Included

  • Travel to the destination city in Poland
  • Pre and post-hunt meals and accommodations
  • Rifle rental for the duration of the hunt & ammunition ($250) if desired
  • Trophy fees for any additional game animals harvested
  • Gratuities to guides and staff
  • Taxidermy and trophy export
  • Personal side ventures or tourism
  • Misc purchases of a personal nature, alcohol, souvenirs, etc.


  • Extra hunting days: $250/day
  • Non-hunting observer days: $200/day
  • Rifle Rental & Ammunition: $250/duration of the hunt

 Trophy fees for additional game species;

  • Additional Fallow Deer (No size Restrictions) = $1750
  • Mouflon (No Size Restrictions) = $4500
  • Wild Boar (sliding price based on weight KG’s/tusk length mm) = $750-1500
  • Regular area Red Stag (No Size Restrictions) = $3500
  • Premium area Red Stag (No Size Restrictions) = $4500

Destination City

Hunters are usually greeted at one of several destination cities across Poland depending on the location of their hunt. Most often Poznan, Wroclaw, or occasionally Warsaw.

Travel Suggestions

All destination cities are easy reached especially by any Lufthansa airlines flight, with best connections typically occurring in either Munich or Frankfurt, Germany.

Airport Shuttles 

Round trip airport shuttles are available and already included with every package.

Special Info

Passport required for all international travel. Visa’s or Immunizations may be required for certain destinations.

Kevin – Montana, USA

I would like to share my thoughts on my recent Poland hunting trip arranged with Adrian
Skok. Like most Americans, I had never really considered Europe a hunting destination, until as an
afterthought to a tourist trip my wife and I had planned, and so I began looking for a hunting opportunity.

Knowing no one who had hunted in Europe and so without references, I resorted to internet
research which led me to Adrian. On paper, he seemed qualified, so I contacted him. My initial
impression was of a friendly, competent man with excellent contacts, the necessary experience
and knowledge to arrange an acceptable hunt, and someone who would make every effort to
produce a wonderful experience without over-promising. Subsequent events proved my initial
impression to be right on the mark.

This was the perfect hunt for us. Being rural but not remote, my wife who does not hunt, had
plenty of sightseeing and exploring options. Our hosts made every effort to accommodate her.
This is not a strenuous hunt (for remote and strenuous, talk to Adrian about a hunt to Kyrgyzstan
or another of the ‘stans!). Hunting was mornings and evenings with a midday break, in rolling
terrain of green fields mixed with woods. Hunting was both from blinds and spot and stalk. Game
was plentiful and well managed.

I had originally booked only a single Fallow deer (as well as Red Stag, and Mouflon), but after harvesting a wonderful Fallow with asymmetric antlers, the opportunity presented itself to add a second with a great set of symmetrical antlers. I couldn’t resist. Fallow deer are amazing, beautiful animals.

Our Polish hosts were wonderful. They were very warm and accommodating, and for example, I was even invited to my guide’s home to visit and meet his family. As one would expect, the accommodations were first class. Lodging was a centuries-old mansion build by royalty, and later used a German field hospital and later a Russian regional headquarters during the War. The food was excellent; local menus, but nothing so foreign as to be unpalatable to sensitive American palates.

I am thrilled to have serendipitously learned what a great hunting opportunity Europe presents,
and even more grateful to have been able to work with Adrian. If you are looking for a first-class
hunt for fallow deer, red stag, or mouflon, give him a call. He’ll take good care of you.