Canada: Alberta Rocky Mountain Elk

6 Hunting Days
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Hundreds of resident elk and whitetails on what might be Alberta’s premier ranch hunt located on the majestic foothills of the eastern Rockies


TRIP DURATION 6 1×1 guided hunting days
PRIME TIME September bugle archery, and October/ November late season Rifle
WILDLIFE STATUS Wild, Free-ranging & Indigenous

Package Highlights

Elk!  Elk!  Elk!  This package offers what is believed to be the largest huntable resident Elk herd on private ranch lands in Alberta.  Hundreds of Elk live year-round within several miles of the lodge. It is common to see 150+ elk during a single day of hunting with those numbers growing as the herd gathers together later in the season. World-class spectacular scenery, 40,000-60,000 private continuous acres with pristine mountain and river views.  Consistently one of the highest success rates in Alberta for both archery and rifle hunters.

The September archery season usually finds several herds located throughout the ranch, and coincides with the peak rut or bugle. It is typical in September for each of these herds to have a dominant bull in the 320 – 360 class range with a harem of 10 to 60 cows and several satellite bulls. The outfitter has experienced 90 – 100 % meaningful shot opportunity rates, and year after year our hunters insist that this localized area produces one of the highest success rates on archery elk hunts in the country!  Whether you are calling and interacting with bugling love-struck bulls in September, or hunkered down in a rifle blind as several hundred elk walk within shooting range heading between feeding and bedding areas in October, your heart will be pounding with excitement!  In addition to Elk, combo hunting for Whitetail, Mule Deer or at times black bear is also available, as well as day trips to the famous Bow river for superb Trout fly fishing. Other options include a scenic tour of the neighboring Rockies or a beautiful afternoon BBQ on the outfitter’s personal houseboat cruising the beautiful Ghost Lake in the shadow of the eastern slopes.  This is one of Canada’s most beautiful areas, and we wish to help you discover it in conjunction with what might be the nation’s best private land elk hunt.  This is your time and our outfitter is keen to provide the very best and make your trip a special one!

Typical Day & Tactics

Up at the crack of dawn, guides will have hunters strategically poised to best intercept these mature bulls as the herds begin exiting the fields enroute to their bedding areas for the day.  Often enough hunters have a bull that is receptive to calling, at which point the guides aggressively respond, bugling and cow calling as you position yourselves to capitalize on a good shot opportunity.  A scenario like may be one of the highlights of any hunter’s career, as a huge thousand-pound bull screams furiously, snorting steam into the cold crisp morning air as he accepts the challenge and begins closing the distance heading right to you.  Should the bulls be more interested in their harem, all is not lost. Now is the time to skulk and sneak your way into position in front of the herd as they plan leave the feeding areas heading to bedding grounds in the heavy timber.  Once here, the outfitter votes not to bump them, not wishing to disturb their predictable daily patterns.

After the morning hunt, head back to the lodge for a hearty home cooked breakfast buffet.  Afterwards hunters will have the opportunity to shoot their bows or rifles, relax, hang out, or consider some scouting recon with your guide prior to heading out for the evening hunt.  All the morning hunting tactics are usually repeated in reverse order as the Elk file back into the fields where they will spend the night feeding.  Whether in the partial darkness of dawn or dusk – passionately pursue these majestic animals with your guide to the echoes of multiple bugling bulls and chirping cows. It’s an experience that remains with hunters all their lives.

Landscape & Climate

The ranch is located at over 4000 feet elevation hugging the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. September is a beautiful time as quaking aspens change to their fall colors and the first snowy outlines of the mountains paint the western backdrop.  Mornings are usually crisp with frost carpeting the ground overnight, but the days warm up as the sun climbs higher in the sky.

Subsequently, the hunting areas potential for significant weather can change on a dime. An unusual system may produce snow in September.  With the elevation here it is often said, ‘If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!” As October and November roll around the temperatures drop and snow establishes itself half the time. The ranch and surrounding properties are a mix of crop fields, pasture and grazing areas. Forests of predominately spruce and fir, with aspen on the hillsides, and cottonwoods in the river bottoms. There is also a beautiful river running through the ranch from south to north that provides game thick brushy escape cover. Hunters must be prepared for a variety of weather as they might be hunkered in a stand for several hours, or walking though the forest, looking and listening for that bull of a lifetime! For detailed weather data, Wikipedia is an excellent resource for historic weather trends found in the “Climate” section available for any city worldwide.

Meals & Accommodations

Home cooked country cuisine is the order of the day.  Piping hot meals with a variety of entries throughout the week find our hunters content and full.  Hunters and guides stay in our comfortable ranch house, which is located directly in the heart of the property with one of our prime fields located right near the cabin.  It is not uncommon to hear elk bugling all night as everyone is trying to sleep.  We have cell service in most areas of the ranch and the cabin does have internet coverage.  Hunters will either have their own room or bunk up with one roommate for the duration of the hunt.

Key Equipment Suggestions

Once a hunt is confirmed, the outfitter provides a complete list of required equipment to ensure hunters are prepared for the elements and this style of hunting.  Key equipment items include; quality layered clothing for weather that ranges from warm sunny days in September, to cold snowy days in November where temperatures can dip well below freezing, a light day-pack, bow or rifle, quality 10X binoculars with good visibility in low light, rangefinder, warm waterproof boots, a headlamp, raingear and a digital camera. Hunter orange is not required in Alberta.


Archery Elk Hunts: 6 full days – 1×1 guided – x 1 Elk – September-October – $7950 (plus $1000 Elk Trophy Fee upon success)

Archery Elk / Mule and/or Whitetail Deer combo hunts: 6 full days – 1 X 1 guided – X 1 Elk, X 1 Deer – September – October – $7950 (plus $1000 Elk Trophy Fee and $1500 Deer Trophy Fee upon success)

Rifle Elk Hunts: 6 full days – 1×1 guided – x1 Elk – Late October – $8950 (plus $1000 Elk Trophy Fee upon success)

Rifle Elk / Mule and/or Mule & Whitetail Deer Combo Hunts: 6 full days – 1×1 guided – x1 Elk & x1 Whitetail – Late October – Early November = $8950 (plus $1000 Elk Trophy fee and $2500 Whitetail Trophy Fee upon success)


  • Round trip airport/hotel pick-up and drop-off services from Calgary
  • All meals and lodge accommodations during the hunt
  • 1×1 professional guiding with an experienced local guide
  • All ground transportation while hunting
  • Basic trophy skull & hide preparations for the taxidermist
  • Deboning, packing, boxing & delivering meat, capes & antlers to ground shipping agent

Not Included 

  • 5% Government Sales Tax (GST)
  • Alberta non-resident hunting license, allocation fees, & Tags
  • Travel to the destination city of Calgary, Alberta
  • Any pre and post-hunt meals and/or hotel accommodations
  • Trophy fees for any additional game animals harvested
  • Gratuities to guides and staff
  • Taxidermy, butchering, as well as meat & trophy export
  • Personal side ventures or tourism or purchases of a personal nature (alcohol, souvenirs etc.)


    • Extra hunting days: $1000/day (if possible)
    • Non-hunting observer days: $250/day
    • Rifle Rental (if needed) $50/day
    • Non-resident Alberta Hunting License – $68.22
    • Alberta Rocky Mountain Elk Tag – $291.43
    • Alberta Non-resident Mule Deer Tag – $250
    • Alberta Non-resident Whitetail Tag – $203.84
    • Alberta Non-resident Black Bear Tag – $112.43

Destination City

Hunters are asked to arrive to Calgary International Airport in Alberta, with a short hour-long commute to the lodge and hunting areas.

Travel Suggestions

Calgary is very easy to reach from various major North American airports often with direct flights or no connections, and offered by several airlines.

Airport Shuttles 

Round trip airport/hotel shuttles between the hunting areas are available and already included with every package

Special Info

Passport required for all international travel. Visa’s or Immunizations may be required for certain destinations. Non-Canadian citizens can be denied access into Canada if they have a DUI or any other criminal infraction.