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Founded by Adrian Skok, TAIGA INTERNATIONAL OUTFITTERS is a specialized outdoor consultancy focused on connecting the traveling hunter or angler with some of the world’s finest outfitters, destinations and experiences afield.


Combining a base of worldwide connections with local, boots-on-the-ground intel, Taiga clientele are always strategically poised for success with trusted partners operating in proven, personally vetted areas.

A roster of top-producing outfitters, forged from excellent, long-standing and trusted relationships enables our clients to confidently choose from a vast lineup of reputable hunting or fishing adventures around the globe. The website is adaptive and new packages and destinations are being added regularly.

Hassle-free and transparent, Taiga connects you directly with the outfitter for the booking while adding an additional layer of support and accountability. Taiga also oversees every trip, providing any necessary assistance behind the scenes from start to finish.

Offering a one-stop-shop to our clients; Taiga not only partners with many of the industry’s top outfitters but also with several specialized taxidermists and outdoor-oriented travel and insurance agencies. Together this team can tackle any aspect of international travel and logistics.

Collaborating with TV shows and outdoor producers enables Taiga clients to follow along and stay hot in the action! Browse our website and Youtube channel for a series of exciting new episodes and promo videos that capture and showcase incredible new opportunities from destinations around the world.

Let Taiga help take the risk out of booking your next outdoor adventure. Our reputation rests solely on the level of satisfaction experienced by our valued patrons.  Call for a personal chat. I am easy to reach and look forward to hearing from you.

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About Adrian Skok

An experienced environmental field biologist, outdoors guide and outfitter, Adrian Skok holds degrees in the Honours Program majoring in both Biology and Environmental Resource Sciences. Adrian has conducted biologic field research ranging from genetic and reproductive success of shorebirds and waterfowl across the Canadian Arctic to all-species productivity studies in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts of the American Southwest. More recently, Adrian has been involved in fisheries, furbearer and big mammal projects across central and northern Canada, consulting hand in hand with government, private agencies and First Nations. Such exposure has instilled a holistic approach in terms of traditional hunting, angling, culinary and cultural practices within the context of ethics, conservation and sustainability.

In addition, Adrian is a past member of the Canadian Armed Forces, proudly serving 7 years as an infantry rifleman and weapons detachment commander, holding specialized qualifications such as; reconnaissance, radio and machine gun theory, Arctic survival, escape/evasion, and linguistic counter interpreter training. Other work has included a conservation specialist title with Ducks Unlimited Canada, along with various environmental and outdoor industry consulting positions. In addition, Adrian is actively engaged in fishing, waterfowl, and big-game guiding across Canada, with Caribou, Deer, Moose and Musk ox of particular interest. This has enabled Adrian to be blessed with longstanding relationships with some of the nation’s best outfitting partners. Building on these experiences Adrian is also involved in outdoor journalism, founding social-media sites, volunteering as a youth hunting mentor and contributing to The Canadian Tradition, and other television series airing on mainstream cable and specialty networks across Canada, the US and Europe.

Being a dual Canadian/US citizen and trilingual in English, Russian and French has enabled Adrian to live and pursue his interests across North America, Eurasia, Africa, and the South Pacific. A driven, passionate, results-oriented attitude has helped Adrian become deeply involved in his areas of interests; the great outdoors and sustainable resource harvest, while maintaining its positive image and communication to hunters and non-hunters alike ultimately geared towards global conservation efforts.

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