South Africa: Plains Game Safari

7-10+ Hunting Days
Additional Species Available:
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The world’s most affordable big game hunts with the strongest and most direct link to wildlife conservation. Fully customizable, with roughly 60+ species available across all South African Provinces, dozens of large concessions & tailored to meet any budget.

TRIP DURATION 7-10+ professionally guided hunting days
PRIME TIME  Year-round, with preferred seasons from March to October
WILDLIFE STATUS Estate & Free-ranging. Indigenous & introduced

Package Highlights

Highly personalized service and fully customizable in every respect. Each safari is different, but careful attention is always placed to ensure an exceptional overall experience on every safari. It is the highest priority while hunting in the care of these extremely professional and experienced PH’s, along with their capable staff and gracious hosts. While daily rate and trophy fee prices are listed, they can be flexible. Our PH’s are happy to negotiate specially priced custom packages or match other rates to ensure competitive pricing guarantees.

Whether planning a first safari in Africa or if this is a very specialized repeat visit, we are at your service. With the ability to operate in all South African provinces, as well as other nearby countries (such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia,) and offering a dizzying lineup of over 60+ African species, there is unquestionably something for everyone.  Plains game safaris are extremely popular and can be easily combined with any Big 5 or Dangerous 7 hunts if desired. Or nocturnal hunting for specialized or predator species is also available, and customizable as desired.

Both free-range and private game reserve options are available across all of South Africa’s provinces. One standard is to ensure that both the hunting areas and lodges are made completely exclusive for each party. Another focus is to operate only on large, unfragmented hunting concessions. These range in size from a minimum of 12,000 acres and up 200,000+ acres each, enabling the team to consistently offer such species diversity along with top-end trophy quality. No exceptions.

South African is an ecologically rich and diverse landscape. Each region offers a different experience and its own prime species line-up. Some of the most popular hunting destinations range from the Kalahari in the Northern Cape to the rolling bushveld of the Northwest Province, and onto the more densely vegetated Limpopo Province. The coastal Mountains of Kwazulu-Natal or the Eastern Cape later gives way to the open savannah and grasslands of the central plateau in the Free State. Simply pick your target species or destination, choose the time of year, and leave the rest to us. All safaris are custom-tailored and built to be exactly what you are looking for.

If you have ever dreamt of hunting in Africa, or if you are chipping away at your African bucket list, we look forward to helping you plan the perfect Safari from the ground up.

Typical Day & Tactics

Upon arriving to your destination city, be greeted by the PH or his staff and drive the variable distance usually ranging from 1-5 hours to the lodge in the chosen hunting area. If arriving to the lodge with enough time to make it out for an evening hunt, then that could be an option. Often, however, arrival days find hunters at the lodge around dinner time, and so unpack, settle in, meet your hosts, enjoy dinner and make a game plan for the week to come! Waking up that first morning in camp is always exciting. The safari begins! Grab a light breakfast and assemble the necessary hunting gear, pile into a rigged-out Toyota Land Cruiser or Hilux and hit the hills. Depending on logistics and proximity, brunch or lunch is usually back at the lodge with a chance for a midday nap or other relaxing activity. Hunt again till after dark and return to the lodge with time to change, fix a cocktail and be greeted by a lovely dinner, usually followed by stories by the fire.

With so many different hunting regions, terrain and species, no two safaris are the same, and preferred hunting tactics can vary slightly. Generally, safari-style hunting can be best described by vehicle assisted spot & stalk hunting, especially in areas in open or partly open country where visibility is good. Drive or hike to strategic high points and do some glassing, followed by short hikes to different nearby vantage points. Many of the iconic plains game species are hunted this way. Prime examples would be hunting across the Northern & Eastern Capes, the Northwest Province, or the Free State for species such as Sable, Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Waterbuck, Lechwe, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Tsessebe, Zebra, Giraffe, Springbuck, Blesbok, Ostrich, Steenbuck, and many others.

In flatter, sandy or more vegetated terrain where visibility is often limited, tracking along roads and waterways and then slowly proceeding on foot is a common and successful strategy. Encounters are usually closer range, and for species that favor thicker cover. Here fundamental tracking and stalking skills are honed as there is always so much to learn. Prime examples would be hunting across certain regions of Limpopo, the Kalahari or Kwazulu-Natal, and for popular species that often cling to thicker cover such as Eland, Greater, and Cape Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Warthog, Grysbok, Red Duiker and Suni, as well as the classic Kalahari line-up.

Specialty outings such as higher-elevation mountain hunts could require more hiking and glassing than other plains game hunts. Several mountain ranges over several provinces hug the eastern and southern coasts of the country. This is where most hunters connect with certain “Tiny 10” antelope species such as Vaal Rhebok or Klipspringer. Other areas hold Mountain reedbuck and Aoudad, while Eland, Kudu, Sable, and Zebra are also no strangers to the higher country. Specialty night-hunts focusing primarily on predator species subsequently sees slightly different tactics. Here baited hunts or calling tactics prove most effective. All of South Africa’s provinces have an assortment of predator, oddball or “varmint” species. Some popular examples being Caracal, Serval, Civet Cat, Bushpig, Large Spotted Genet cat, Jackal, Hyenas, or oddballs such as Porcupine and Aardvark.

With sufficient warning, Big 5 or Dangerous game species such as Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Crocodile or Hippo, can also be added or built around any plains game package. Everything is fully customizable from start to finish.

Once the Safari has concluded, each hunter usually has an opportunity to see all of their partially cleaned and salted trophies from the week. It is usually about an 8-month turnaround upon receiving them at home. Once all packed up with goodbye’s said to the staff and hosts, hunters are driven back to their destination airport by the PH or his team for the flight home.

Landscape & Climate

South African is an ecologically rich and diverse landscape. Offering safari packages across the country will find hunters in a variety of landscapes and habitats. Some of the more popular hunting areas can include; The Kalahari Desert of the Northern Cape, to the rolling partly-open bushveld of the Northwest Province. Or the thicker Mopani scrub and densely vegetated river valleys of Limpopo Province. Along the Indian Ocean are the green, forested coastal mountains of both Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, which gives way to the open savannah and sprawling grasslands of the Free State, in the central Plateau. Each region offers a different experience and its own prime species line-up. Many have tried, but it’s impossible to see and experience all of South Africa in one Safari.

Due to the long hunting season, (spanning primarily from March into October), and across the various regions of the country, temperatures can vary dramatically. Depending on location and time year weather can be quite hot, ranging from slightly below freezing at night. May till the end of August is winter, and generally the dry season, with the spring from early September through November. December into April is generally regarded as Summer or the wet season.

Meals & Accommodations

Options for lodgings are as varied as the types of game animals available, or hunting concessions and environments. All our lodges in South Africa, however, follow the same general principals. Firstly, lodges and hunting areas are made exclusive to each group. As for the accommodations, privacy, remote settings, luxury, comfort, and amenities are all standards.  Each hunter or couple has their own private bedrooms, usually with en-suite bathrooms. Regale the day’s hunt across gracious lounges, verandas, fire-pits and dining areas. Lodges are all situated in quiet rural settings, usually directly in the hunting areas with no need to commute in the mornings or evenings. Wildlife is often seen from the porch or through the window. Nearly all lodges have WiFi to help stay in touch, and all accommodations provide complimentary snacks, biltong, beer, wine and liquor in moderation, as well as beautifully catered meals featuring fresh local cuisine.

Meals and dining are an important part of the experience, and efforts are made to impress. Here is no exception. Enjoy dynamic menu items featuring locally sourced delicacies such as Eland, Gemsbok or Springbuck. In addition are other center points such as roast lamb, fried chicken, meat pies or beefsteak, grilled over open acacia coals, flambe, saute or charbroiled to perfection. A selection of wines, chutneys, and mustards accompany regional medleys of mixed vegetables, fresh bread, fruits, salads, and decadent desserts. Breakfasts are usually quick and light with all the cornerstone items such as coffee, tea, and juice, along with eggs, toast, cereal, yogurt or fruit to get hunters out the door for dawn. Upon returning from the morning’s hunt be greeted by a splendid brunch line-up. It’s a hearty meal featuring interesting and delicious menu items as diverse as South Africa itself.

Key Equipment Suggestions

This hunt most requires only basic equipment and the outfitter provides a more detailed equipment list upon booking. A small day pack, layered hunting clothing, 10x binoculars, rangefinder, comfortable walking boots, camp shoes, a headlamp or flashlight and a digital camera covers the essentials. Hunter orange is not required in South Africa.


Popular Packages:

While all safaris are fully customizable, several popular all-inclusive packages have been developed upon demand. All of these packages can be custom tailored, or “mixed and matched” to meet any hunter’s needs:

First Timer Budget Safari: – 7 Days – x1: Gemsbok or Wildebeest, x2: Impala and/or Blesbok and/or Warthog – Free State/North West Province – $3500

Free-Range Spiral Horn Slam: 10 Days – x1 Cape Eland x1 Cape Kudu, x1 Nyala, x1 Bushbuck – Eastern Cape/Kwazulu-Natal – *Revised Price Coming*

The Tiny 10:  14 days – x1 of each of the Tiny 10 Species – x9 species across various SA Provinces + x1 species in Namibia – $40,000

Springbuck Slam: 7 days – x1 Common, Black, Copper & White Springbuck – Free State – $4950

 Buffalo & Sable Combo: 7 days – X1 Trophy Cape Buffalo & x1 Sable (both at 38’-42’+) – Free State/Limpopo/Kalahari – $13,500


Daily Rates:

1×1 Professional Guiding – $450/day

2×1 Professional Guiding – $350/day

Observer / Arrival Day – $230/day


Plains Game Trophy Fees: 



Aardvark $750
Aardwolf Permit Dependent
African Wild Cat Permit Dependent
Aoudad $4900
Baboon Free
Bat-Eared Fox Permit Dependent
Blesbuck – Common $550
Blesbuck – Golden Price Coming
Blesbuck – Saddleback Price Coming
Blesbuck – White $1200
Bontebuck $2500
Bushbuck – Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Chobe $1950
Bush Pig $990 (baited)
Caracal $1200
Civet Cat Permit Dependent
Duiker – Grey, Red, Blue $350
Eland – Southern, Cape $2950
Eland – Livingston $4500
Fallow Deer $750
Giraffe $4000
Gemsbok $1200
Gemsbok – Golden $3500
Gemsbok (Oryx) – Scimitar $3500
Genet Cat – Large Spotted $650
Grysbok $1500
Honey Badger $1200
Hyena – Brown $2900 (+ permit)
Hyena – Spotted $4500 (+ permit)
Ibex – Nubian Permit Dependent
Impala – Common $550
Impala – Black $1950
Impala – White Flanked $2950
Impala – Saddleback $2950
Jackal Free
Klipspringer $1950
Kudu – Cape $1950
Kudu < 55’ – Greater $2950
Kudu > 55’ – Greater $4500
Kudu 60’ Guaranteed – Greater $10,000
Nyala – Common $2950
Oribi $3500 
Ostrich $650
Porcupine $350
Reedbuck – Common $2500
Reedbuck – Mountain $850
Red Hartebeest $1250
Red Lechwe $3250
Roan $6500
Sable $4500
Sable 48’+ (Guaranteed) Price on Request
Serval Permit Dependent
Springbuck – Common $650
Springbuck – Black $750
Springbuck – White $990
Springbuck – Copper $1200
Steenbuck $350
Suni $3500
Tsessebe $2950
Vaal Rhebok $2500
Warthog $550
Waterbuck – Common $2950
Wildebeest – Black $1250
Wildebeest – Blue $1250
Wildebeest – Golden $2950
Wildebeest – King $3950
Zebra – Burchell $1200
Zebra – Hartman (Mountain) $2500

 Big 5 / Dangerous 7 Packages: 


 (daily rates for x1 hunter included)


Cape Buffalo < 45’ $12,950 X10 day Safari
Cape Buffalo > 45’ (Guaranteed) $16,500 X10 day Safari
Cape Buffalo 50’+ (Guaranteed) Price on Request X10 day Safari
African Lion $8500 – $120,000 X10 day Safari
Leopard $26,000 – $45,000 X14 day Safari
White Rhinoceros  $25,000 – $145,000 X10 day Safari
Elephant $19,500 – $60,000 X14 day Safari
Nile Crocodile $8500 – $16,500 X7 day Safari
Hippopotamus $12,000 X7 day Safari

 *Special permit needed for all Big 5 species (Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino & Elephant)


  • Round trip airport pick-up and drop-off services (from smaller destination cities)
  • All meals and accommodations during the hunt with daily maid and laundry services
  • Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, and liquor in moderation
  • Professional 1×1 or 2×2 guiding with services of experienced PH
  • Driver, Tracker, Skinner and quality hunting vehicles (Hilux or Land Cruisers)
  • All ground transportation while hunting
  • All government licenses, permits, and fees.
  • Field recovery, dressing and trophy preparations for taxidermy
  • Delivery of trophies to recommend taxidermists anywhere is South Africa

Not Included

  • International air travel to the determined destination city
  • Any pre and post-hunt meals and accommodations
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off from Johannesburg (sometimes included)
  • Chartered flights direct into hunting areas (POR),
  • Rife rentals and ammunition (sometimes included)
  • Trophy fees for additional game animals harvested, wounded or lost
  • Gratuities to PH and camp staff
  • Taxidermy fees, dipping, packing and export costs
  • Personal side ventures or tourism
  • purchases of a personal nature, alcohol, souvenirs, etc.


  • Extra hunting days: Daily rate price ($450 1×1 or $350 2×1)
  • Non-hunting observer days: $230/day
  • Rifle Rental ($35/day) and ammunition at cost

Destination City

Hunters can arrive at various destination cities depending on proximity to hunting areas. These can include (but are not limited to) Johannesburg (central), Kimberly (west), Polokwane (north), Port Elizabeth (east) or Bloemfontein (South), where hunters are greeted by the PH or his staff. The various hunting areas range from roughly 1-5 hour’s drive from each destination city.

Travel Suggestions

Johannesburg is easily reached from various major airlines such as Delta, Emirates or United/South African Star Alliance Airlines, utilizing several major connection hub airports. The other smaller destination cities are easy to reach via short, cheap commuter flights from Johannesburg spanning 1-2 hours in duration.

Airport Shuttles 

Round trip airport shuttles between the airport/hotel and hunting areas are included from the smaller destination cities (Kimberly, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth or Bloemfontein). Pick up in Johannesburg can always be arranged, often for a round trip price, but at times included at no cost. Additionally, private charter flights can be arranged from any airport, often arriving directly to private airstrips immediately on or within minutes of the selected hunting concessions. Prices for private charter flights are available upon request.

Special Info

Passport required for all international travel. Immunizations and/or Malaria medication may be required for only certain South African destinations such as Limpopo Province.

Dave – South Africa Plains Game Safari

When the opportunity first presented itself, I said “Me hunting Plains Game in Africa? No way!” Then after a few meetings with Adrian, he assured me that it was not only possible but affordable to do so. Sure, I’ve been hunting in my home Province of Canada all my life, and have taken some great Moose, Deer and Black Bears, but nothing could prepare me for the adventure I was about to take part in!  This was to be my first out-of-country hunt, so I studied the maps and learned about the different Plains Game animals and with Adrian’s guidance, my dream trip of a lifetime became a reality.

I must admit the travel is long, but when you arrive at the lodge all of that it is quickly forgotten and the friendly staff makes you feel right at home. The first day out on the Plains was like visiting an alien planet. The sheer vastness and beauty of the terrain was mind-blowing. There was game of every type around every corner and I could not believe I was actually finally here! That first evening back at the lodge I enjoyed some incredible South African hospitality and cuisine set the stage for how the rest of the trip would unfold.

Each hunting day began with a beautiful African sunrise. I had told Adrian that I wanted to earn my trophies and have the real deal experience. He and the PH’s delivered this beyond my expectations. Spot and stalk hunting in its purest form with well-earned opportunities to harvest some of the species on my wish list. When it was all over, I not only harvested an incredibly old Kudu bull and a huge Gemsbok stallion on film, but I was also able to take a monstrous Red Lechwe – a species I had never even heard of before the trip!

The whole experience of an African safari with Adrian was something I will never forget, and I can’t wait to join him on another adventure sometime soon. Poland Red Stag might be next? Start to finish, Adrian was there to assist me and answered all my questions. If you have ever dreamed of living your adventure but didn’t think it was possible… think again. I highly recommend Adrian and Taiga International Outfitters.